To your plate

We’ve worked with our potato farmer from the start.

He grows our potatoes; we buy them. It’s straight- forward enough. With beef, it’s trickier.

Up to now, we’ve only bought the cuts of beef that are best for our burgers. This means working with suppliers, not farmers. The only way to make sure all our meat is from regenerative farms is to cut out these ‘middlemen’ and work with farmers directly. But farmers rear cows, not cuts. So to work with them, we have to buy the whole cow. All of it.

This sounds as easy as buying potatoes, but it’s not. It means changing everything that goes on behind the scenes at Honest.

Where it all began, the Honest Burger with rosemary salted chips

Because we don’t need every part of a cow for a patty – the chuck and rib cap are good for chopping and turning into a burger, but steak? Not so much. (And it’s a waste of great steak.) So we’re passing the steaks on to other businesses, who put the beef we don’t need on their menus. It’s ‘nose to tail’ eating done differently.

We didn’t know if other restaurants would be up for this – and it’s meant a whole new set-up for our butchers – but it’s working. The (top) chefs using our farmers’ beef say the meat for their steaks is a cut above.

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