On their side

The way farming has changed over the years has taken its toll on farmers. Imagine working long hours, in all weather, all year round, only to get little or no return for everything you produce. Farmers are too often under pressure and a lot of stress.

On top of that, the farming industry’s been squeezed so hard, farmers have almost become disconnected from the food they produce. A farmers’ market where farmers meet their customers is a rare thing. Where does the food they produce go? Who eats it? Does anyone like it? Farmers produce our food but rarely get any feedback.

Honest farming puts the farmer in the centre of everything. We work with our farmers. We pay them properly and fairly. And we plug them back into the food chain they’re so important too.

Tom & Phil enjoying an Honest Burger with the farmers.

By buying the whole cow from our farmers, they have a full order book and a steady, long-term income. They also know who’s buying their food, where it’s going, who’s eating it and what they think, instead of just sending it off to places unknown.

One of the highlights of changing how we work with farmers is hosting groups of our farmers at our restaurants. The result of all their hard
work is on the plate in front of them and we can thank them properly for everything they’re doing to get it there. It matters to us that we look after the people we work with beyond our teams in the restaurants. We just didn’t think about it enough before, but we are now.

Meet our farmers

James, Shropshire

  • Farms: Cows & Sheep
  • Focus area: Reconnecting farmers with their customers and customers with their food.
  • Super Power: Passionately teaching farming to anyone. Never ages.


James kicked this whole thing off by talking at a National Farmers Union conference where Tom was in the audience. He heard what James had to say about regenerative farming and wanted in.

Alistair, Yorkshire

  • Farms: Sheep & Milling Wheat, Nuffield Scholar
  • Focus area: Re-thinking food systems from field to fork.
  • Super Power: Enabling fairness for everyone. Looking the most like a farmer but sounding the least!


Alastair is a Nuffield scholar in regenerative agriculture and talks from the heart about the importance of farming in our future. He also truly admires the magic of the humble cow pat 💩

James, Cornwall

  • Farms: Sheep & Farm Advisor
  • Focus area: Holistic thinking, Optimising farming systems to work with nature
  • Super Power: Mob grazing enabler, banana eggs for breakfast.


Big James as he's known. He's farmed extensively in the North and South hemisphere and now spreads the regenerative word through farming consultancy. He can also squat a whole cow (apparently).

Ed, Berkshire

  • Farms: Cattle, Sheep, turkeys, Crops (Malting Barley)
  • Focus area: Improving soil health. Reducing chemical inputs.
  • Super Power: Multitasking & balancing his farm to be in harmony.


Ed's farm is in the beautiful rolling hills of Berkshire. He's one of the first suppliers to get involved with Honest Farming and his beef is absolutely delicious. He farms a cracking Turkey as well. Gobble gobble.

Aled, South West Wales

  • Farms: Cattle & Sheep
  • Focus area: Increase species diversity in pastures to provide more food for insects (bees) and birds.
  • Super Power: Pasture management wizard and making time to take holiday with family.


Aled is a proud award-winning farmer from the luscious green hills of South Wales. He won 'Beef Farmer of the Year 2021' by Farmers Weekly for his work on grassland management and soil health. He's also the tallest farmer we've ever met.